12 December 2014



It's been a while. Honestly speaking, I haven't even had the time to think about this space right here.
I used to spend so much of my time here just ranting or leaving my thoughts out but I guess things eventually change, eh?

To just add a little update (more than 2 years lololol), I shall probably list down a few things.

  • I love my family (that's not really an update it's a fact) - My parents and sisters have been truly supportive in everything I do even until today and I'm really grateful. Though sometimes my sisters still annoy the shit out of me.
  • I am in a relationship - Been with this babe named Morgan for over 2 years now and it's truly been a blessing. Couldn't ask for more.
  • I am actually an engineer - Like, an actual working engineer, crazy. I barely know what I'm doing and I wonder if I have been contributing anything significant at all to the company/society/world. #selfdoubt
  • Gym - Soooo.. currently, my emotional stability depends greatly on whether or not I get to go to the gym. I don't consider myself a hardcore body builder or something but I just have this urge to lift heavy things everyday. Kinda proud of how far I've come since I started.
  • Run - I am like, a real hardcore long distance runner now. Ran about 250km last year, and another 350km this year. It seems to have turned into a habit of mine to just run all I can. (because you never know how long more you can run #yolo)
  • I am 24 this year - Well, only physically. Mentally I'm still stuck at 19 and I'm freaking out about the life as an adult.

I really wanna elaborate but it's late and I'm not sure why I'm typing this tbh. I feel like I no longer know how to write a blog post. I have totally lost my touch.

So maybe next time. (like in another 2 years maybe?)


24 March 2012

Mad Luck

don't kick the chair~eeyaireeyaireeyaireeyeheeyeheeyairrr~

I think I look like a total idiot today.
I can't stop smiling.

Hari ini, saya sangat amat banyak gembira sekali dua kali tiga kali.


I woke up at 5.30am. I am so happy. I went to work. I am so happy. I worked like mad. I am so happy. I left work one hour later than I was supposed to. I am so happy. I went swimming alone. I am so happy. My legs died after 3 laps. I am so happy. I went dinner alone. I am so happy. Some kid splashed water at my car. I am so happy. I arm wrestled with Jasper in Murni. I am so happy. And I lost. I am so happy. I am so happy. I am so happy.

I think it's the eggs. I've been eating way too many eggs. Like 4000 eggs per month.
Eggs make you go crazy. True story. I am so happy.




p/s: I think this is what my diary would look like, if I have one.

30 October 2011


不要哭 我也忍得了这些年来的委屈


soon you're gonna see me like this...

or like this..

Okay this shall be it. GTA style.

jokes. I don't even have money to get a bicycle.
isosad. =(

this is probably my laziest post ever.
but who reads this anyway.


06 October 2011


You don't have to believe me.

Apparently my previous post came out in my sister's final exam.
I can spot questions. So awesome.

But she didn't know how to answer.

Things were supposed to go as planned, but unfortunately the co-founder of Apple didn't have enough time.
Some said that he passed away due to cancer, some said that he had a heart attack following the launch of iPhone 4S. But no matter how he died, it's no wonder that his innovative visions had changed the world.
Rest in peace, Mr Jobs.

Now Apple is gonna die. Haaa.

Hee space bar.


27 September 2011

a little support.

 你叫我 怎么跟你像?

《念奴娇 赤壁怀古》




I'm with stupids.